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Women's Strength Training and what it Means

Women's Strength Training

  • Benefits

At Body By U Fit, we educate the body and mind to work together and produce results. You’ll learn how to utilize your body in daily routines and make sure it functions at its best.

In small-group Women’s Strength Training classes, we are focused on strengthening the mind while improving the body. This is an 8 week program that will improve increase strength, tone muscle, reduce stress and emotional fatigue, and strengthen your cognitive thinking.

As a participant in our Women’s Strength Training class, you are also supporting the Body By U Fit Foundation’s mission to empower survivors of domestic violence. Learn more here.

  • Who should join?

Women who want to be strong and confident while learning what their body is capable of.

Women who want to develop muscle mass and tone - but NOT look “bulky” or “manly”

  • Resources & Schedule

We give you everything you need to be successful in our program. We start with a comprehensive fitness assessment, and provide meal planning resources to help you along your journey. Bi-weekly strength tests show you your progress and help your trainer move you forward.

Phase 1: 3 weeks of Tabata training. This is a method of interval training where you alternate 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.  

Phase 2: 2 Weeks of the 5x5 Program: Here we’ll be performing 5 isolated exercises and increasing weight with each round.

Phase 3: 3 Weeks of kettlebell strength training: This consists of full body movement exercises to improve muscle tone and body composition. Working with kettlebells strengthens tendons and ligaments while making joints tough and less susceptible to injury.

Fridays are Self Defense Training: In addition to feeling strong, we want our students to be able to defend themselves if necessary. Prevention is always the best self-defense, but wouldn't it be great to be able to defend yourself or your family member from harm of an attacker if you had to?

What Participants Say:

I have been training with Phil for the past two years and have seen major results! Not only does he push you, he genuinely cares about you as a person and wants to see you achieve your goals and helps you reach them. His woman's strength training class is so great, as everyone motivates each other. He definitely motivates us and is always encouraging. - K.L.

I am on my 5th round of Women’s Strength Training and I absolutely love it! I never would have thought I could lift weights and actually enjoy it. Phil pushes you to do more, and you will thank yourself later for listening to him. Seeing my body transform during the course of Women’s Strength Training has been amazing, and I keep coming back for that reason. You have to put in the effort, but you WILL see results. - S.L.

I started the Women's Strength Training class in the second trimester of my pregnancy. Phil was wonderful to work with and knew the importance of staying strong and healthy for an expecting mother, but was sure to tailor the workouts for my special needs. I left feeling strong and prepared for my new adventure, and I couldn't wait to come back! - P.A.

I honestly can say that Phil makes sure he pushes you and holds you accountable. He wants to make sure you have met your goals. He's not the type of trainer that just wants your money and does nothing - he makes sure to workout every part of your body. Phil knows how much your body can do, so he pushes you hard because he cares about your health. I love him for what he does for his clients, and I am going to stick with his Women’s Strength Training as long as I can. Thanks Phil! - C.B.M.

CLASS STARTS  October 9th

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Women's Strength Training

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