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You’re about to become much more than just a weekend warrior! This overall conditioning and toning workout is composed of Spinning drills that are sure to complement your weekend activities. We incorporate bootcamp exercises into one dynamite spin conditioning class. So, whether you like to spend your weekends hiking mountains, biking the trails, swimming in the ocean, playing contact sports, or hitting the links, our Spin6 class will help you get more out of your favorite thrills.

It's not uncommon to overhear the occasional person engaged in resistance training state that their goal is to develop muscle tone, rather than muscle size or muscle strength. More often than not, it is a woman striving to achieve muscle tone rather than a man, given our conventions of what is considered to be a desirable body type for women. For the most part, women "don't want to get big," they " just want to get toned." What is muscle tone? Can you achieve muscle tone without getting big muscles? Yes, and we will show you how.​   

We Have A Variety of Wedding Packages. We know that taking the next step in preparing for life's new journey can come with added stress and excitement and in addition to the many plans you wish to make, looking your best for that special day is very important. Body By U Fit assists couples in reaching those goals, whether it is 6 weeks or a year away, we help you "Get Fit for the Perfect Fit".

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Class Schedule
Women Strength Training

M/W 6am, 10am, 6:30pm, 7:30pm

Friday 6am, 10am 6pm

BootcampsM/W 8pm Sat 7:30am
12 Weeks TransformationT/Th 6:30pm Sat 7:30am
300 CycleSixFriday 6:30pm
Philz HillzSat 7:30am

Body By U Fit

Join Houston Boot Camp experts. BBYU FIT Boot Camp is a five day a week indoor/outdoor group fitness program that offers outstanding fitness instructions, nutritional coaching and a large helping of motivation to help keep you on track, every step of the way! Every 30 minute boot camp session is loaded with fun and energizing activities specifically designed to help you successfully achieve your weight loss goals, while toning your problem areas. We’ll provide everything you’ll need to get in the best shape of your life. All we ask is that you show up with a goal, a sense of adventure and a EARN IT ATTITUDE.

If you would like to drop 10 to 15 pounds and firm up the backside a little before you hit the beach this year, this plan is for you. This eight-week Summer Slim down is designed to work. It's not difficult to follow, but you will need to make some adjustments in your lifestyle. Exercise and eating healthy food play a major role in this program. Getting accustomed to changes begins in week one. Meal plans, weekly weigh-ins, food ACCOUNTABILITY, & HOMEWORK, yes HOMEWORK, with Before & After photos.

Body By U Fit, LLC, has been providing Personal Training & Boot Camps in Houston since 2009. We conduct an initial fitness assessment and require a three month commitment from our clients, with sign up. Our 3-Month program is designed to focus on the nutrition, stability, endurance and strength necessary for a successful healthy transition.

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Allows us to help you break through barriers and continue to get your life in balance and achieve every fitness success possible.  Body By U Fit Training can put you on the road to a healthy lifestyle, with an initial 3 Month Commitment.  I know how it is when you're trying to find the right trainer to help you reach your goals. ONE thing I can assure you is that when training with me it will be "us" working as a team, so that means its not about me or just you. We're in this together, we will do what ever it takes to reach what ever goals you have set for yourself. Each and every exercise will be designed to fit your needs at becoming a better you. Lets continue to live healthy and have lots of energy to do things in life.  Our trainers will motivate you to reach your highest  fitness potential