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Our community has seen an increase in the attention finding solutions for depression has received.  This is a mood disorder that generally affects individuals after the age of puberty.  With this being said, physicians generally recommend good eating habits and schedules of regular exercise and in some cases, scheduling and medication restrictions.  Understanding also how the body is affected by the mind, is also very important.  It has been recommended in the past, to do lots of aerobic workouts, running, swimming, and even cycling.  Well studies are now showing strength training has even more of the same benefits.  

Strength Training workout classes introduces varying levels of resistance exercises.  The symptoms of depression can be reduced by engaging in the resistance training, for even those who may have severe cases of depression.  Now this is not to say the aerobic workouts are still not recommended, however getting the most out of a workout is the real goal.  Generally, 30 minutes a day of exercise will show improvement in anyone.  Certain brain function can increase those neurochemicals that affect your mood, when performing resistance exercises. Not to mention the natural gratification felt after completing a good workout. 


Try it for a couple times a week.  See the results you receive, and it may even be a good idea, if you are not already keeping a journal, to start journaling your day to day activity and feelings.  Being aware of what you feel and what makes you feel at your best will help you to find resolutions in selfcare.  Be encouraged and finding the right fitness program and coach may be just what you need to figure out the best strength training program for you.



One thing you can depend on w [A group of people riding on a raft in the water Description generated with very high confidence] hen you buy a bag of skittles is you will get to taste different flavors.   As with most gyms, you may go in to exercise, and leave out with only sending a smile or wave to one or two regulars.  Our programs are built so you can develop connections with those of like minds.  People actually become friends and look forward to seeing one another.

                It is important to us that the coach is not just seen as a coach, but someone who can relate your workout for the day to exactly what you need to help your mental and physical requirements.  As humans, positive interactions during gym workouts help to stimulate the desire to endure, feel more determined, and promote a devotion to the program.  We have learned this happens inevitably when people are experiencing the same thing together in our class.  There is a natural instinct to gravitate to on another for support and encouragement, connections are developed.  We extend that community building by getting our clients involved in social activities outside of the gym.  We promote and participate in activities that focus on improving society awareness by fundraising for Light It Up Blue for Autism, and Cancer Awareness, Adopt a Family Houston's Children's Charity programs, and School Supply Drives for Houston Area Women's Center

                With the state of this country currently, what better way to learn more about your community than from those you are around regularly.  Most of us don’t live in a bubble and if we do, why not make that bubble just a little bigger.  We help you extend further than a smile or a nod, all while you experience great workouts.



Fitness can build a community




Happy Father’s Day!  It is in your hands that many find love, strength and protection.  Much of it you prepare for when you are becoming a father and other things are a great surprise.  As father’s we take it in stride and carry those things that need to be carried and fix those things that need to be fixed.  Although, handymen we may not all be, our family depends on us to figure it out.  So, as much as we figure out for them, we also must figure out a lot for ourselves.

This is men’s health month and in addressing the importance of our roles in our families’ lives, we also have to realize, as we age, we have to respect out bodies more.  Tasks that may have been small when we were younger, may take a little longer to complete.  We must be mindful of what we eat and drink, to keep up the strength our family is so used to seeing us with.  Choose high calcium foods, avoid foods high in cholesterol and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to accompany a regular exercise routine.  Popeye, who many of us growing up saw eat spinach, was the image our parents used to get us to think of growing big and strong by eating our vegetables.  That vegetable thing hasn’t changed fellas.

As we celebrate with our families today, let’s remember what it takes to keep consistent with providing them with the things they need. 

the best variety


As we reflect on those affected by cancer, we recognize those survivors.  National Cancer Survivor Day is a day we celebrate your challenges and your overcoming this disease.   This is the 31st year that this day has been a day of recognition.  I’m sure thoughts are on the personal milestones of these survivors that have taken place along their journey.  We say, we have observed your struggle and the resilience it takes to fight the fight during everyday ups and downs.  We ask that, you remain encouraged always, and know that you have support of your loved ones daily.

          Events to raise funds are planned nationally to improve the life of cancer survivors.  Every first Sunday of June is just the beginning.  Take the time to find out what events are planned in your area and play an active role in supporting these brave individuals.  There are helpful resources nationwide to champion these events and help foster a community of support for those in need of assistance.  We celebrate you!

Plain jane can win the game
Keep it simple but fun

​​Who says things always have to be complicated?  I remember when I was a kid calisthenics

was taught in P.E. class and we would think how boring all this was.  Let’s do something fun!  Motor movements were not my idea of fun. Jumping jacks, sit-up, pullups they all seemed like mundane exercises.  Now you wonder why were those often exercises used by the armed forces?

The truth is the exercises you perform do not have to be complicated.  Often times in our women’s strength training class you will find the movements themselves are not difficult to perceive or accomplish but it is the way in which you perform them.  We can generally give you a good workout without you feeling overwhelmed by complexity.  The workout plan should have variety but remain manageable.  The way you will remain consistent is by feeling accomplished afterward and by keeping it fun. 

The key is, have a plan in mind, set the goal, execute properly and finish.  Sounds simple right?  “Great acts are made up of small deeds.” – Lao Tzu 

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