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​​The 90 Days Fitness Chaser Bootcamp Is The Complete Workout Program You’ve Been Looking For!

This is a intermediate to advanced program. 

The Body By U FIT 90 Day Fitness Chasers workout will continuously take your body to new levels of fitness that you never imagined possible. The homeWORK exercise program for men and women creates a lean, athletic, and toned body. The 90 Days contains 65 training days to keep you from getting bored while utilizing muscle confusion to avoid plateaus and keep the results coming! The bootcamps schedule puts together all the best forms of training known to man in one work out plan including but not limited to strength training, plyometrics, cardio, running, high intensity interval training – HIIT, and power yoga.

Once you sign up for our 90 Fitness Chasers Bootcamps, we will send you the guide to Losing Fat, Muscle Building Meal Plan, Vegetarian Meal Plan, or Vegan Meal Plan. Just let us know which one you need or ask Coach Phil which would be best suit for your fitness mission.


Fitness Chasers Bootcamp will be conducting assessment all this week for those who sign up for our 90 days program. Thereafter, fitness assessment will be conducted every two weeks on a Saturday morning at 10am. All assessment last for 20 minutes.


All participatnts must be willing to take before and after photos once a month to get the full experience of their transition.


We will be offering the supplements to enhance your fitness success in the 90 Days Fitness Chasers Bootcamp.

The fitness plan outlines a 12 week workout schedule. Each week contains 5-6 training days and 1-2 OFF days. You may mix up where you take your OFF days as long as you work out 5 days per week. Every workout routine can be completed in less than 30 to 45 minutes. Depending on your level of fitness, we may need to modify some training for your needs. Try your best to attend each Fitness Chaser Bootcamp without any breaks. Each week progressively gets more difficult, so if you are not able to complete a certain week, then complete the Facebook homework for that week until you feel comfortable moving forward.

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