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Women's Strength Training and what it Means

Have you ever felt Defeated?  Body By U Fit, LLC began an initiative to assist Survivors of Domestic Violence after we discovered the positive effects women received from our Women's Strength Training.
The fitness program will provide the assurance, confidence, and an opportunity for women to redefine themselves through strength in mind and body.  They can improve their psychological confidence, achieve empowerment through the self-defense, and improve their strength and appearance. Overall women can regain the vitality, love of self, and renewal needed to flourish in life.
We educate the body and mind to work together, to produce results. You learn how best to utilize your body in daily routines, to function at its best.   By sponsoring this program, we allow these women to work among women in crisis, but also receive support.
We have certified psychologists and self-defense personnel on standby to help as you move forward on your journey.
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Regain you!  "The National Women's Health Information Center reports that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to American women and that nearly one-third of American women have been physically assaulted by their significant other at some point in their lives. These women often experience depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and grief (Campbell et al., 1995). Literature supports the use of physical activity in promoting psychological well-being." (Oregon State University Study)  We are focused on strengthening the mind while improving the body.   This is an  8-Week program that will improve cognitive thinking, reduce stress and emotional fatigue, while increasing strength and toning muscle.

We give you everything you need to be successful in our program.  Meal Planning & Fitness Assessments are part of the program.  

Phase 1)  3 Weeks of Tabata Training - It's a method of interval training where you alternate 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest for eight rounds.  
Phase 2)  2 Weeks of the 5x5 Program - Performing 5 isolated exercises increasing weight with increasing rounds. (i.e. 5lbs, 10lbs etc.)
Phase 3) 3 Weeks of Kettlebell Strength training - Consists of full body movement exercises to improve muscle tone body composition and strength and strengthen tendons, ligaments and making joints tough and less susceptible to injury.

***Fridays are Self Defense Training***

The mission of self-defense is to empower our students to defend themselves, and to also use martial arts instruction as a vehicle to help teach them how to be successful in life.  Prevention is the best self-defense, but when that is not possible, wouldn't it be great to be able to defend yourself or your family member from harm of an attacker?

Jiu-Jitsu is a fine thing to teach someone who might need to defend themselves against someone, particularly when there may be psychological barriers to using lethal force against the attacker.

***Meal Planning and Bi-Weekly Strength Tests and Fitness Assessments***