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Boot camp

Join Houston, TX Personal Training and Boot Camp experts. Get the full fitness experience. Not your typical Boot Camp, we offer month to month accountability, through weigh ins and fitness assessments while you train with us. There is a 3 Month Commitment and you can expect meal planning suggestions, and supplemental recommendations, things the average gym will NOT provide you with memberships.......see more


We feel that the best way to test your performance and progress is to get involved in challenging events,  We participate in Houston events as a Team from running events, charities, and social awareness.  Development of the whole being is part of our goal......see more

Personal Training

Allows us to help you break through barriers and continue to get your life in balance and achieve every fitness success possible.  Body By U Fit Training can put you on the road to a healthy lifestyle, with an initial 3 Month Commitment.  We offer programs for body fat reduction, sculpting your body, increasing lean muscle tissue and program that address specific health limitations.  Our trainers will motivate you to reach your highest fitness potentials......see more

Body By U Fit, LLC, has been providing Personal Training & Boot Camps in Houston since 2010. Since then, we have helped 300 people, and counting, clients improve the quality of their lives. What do we mean by quality of life? Quality of life is when someone gets in better shape, not just physically, but also emotionally, spiritually, and financially. We train in the Houston TX area and offer, Personal Training & Boot Camp Training at a gym.

We are not just another Personal Trainer or Boot Camp; with our tried and true, results oriented program, our client's goals are evaluated throughout training.  Every three months our clients will be expected to reach short term goals, as well as be provided with progress challenges.  Expect the best from our Body By U Fit trainers.

Contact Information:


2215 Lawrence St.

Houston, TX 77008

Phone: Phil  832.797.6906

​Phone: Jeanna 281.236.9059


We Are Your

Fitness Solution

Online Training

We will provide you with customized workouts designed to maximize your training, whether it be at home, gym, park or any site you see fit.  With your initial 3 Month Commitment, we will include daily nutritional monitoring to ensure you are getting what your body needs to fuel your new exercise regimen, so you will be accountable.  That's right we become your conscience! Sign up today on the Schedules Page.

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