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                              Body By U Fit, LLC, has been providing premiere Personal Training & Boot Camps in Houston since 2010. Our personal trainers have been developing custom workouts, for personal training, in the Houston Heights area for 8 years, largely due to our simple exercises that produce immediate results. Our clients range from CEO's to stay at home mothers, who are striving to stay healthy and fit. We have also helped young  adults just learning to appreciate their health. Our fitness methods have attracted well-known actors preparing for new roles, musicians embarking on world tours and business executives desiring increased energy and strength. We will perform a fitness assessment and require a 3 Month commitment with sign up. The first month will identify the dietary needs and requirements, along with building stability and mobility. Within this time frame, we expect your body to become acclimated to the new physical and mental changes mandatory to achieve maximum results.

Body By U Fit has trained in various elite facilities such as, Bally's Total Fitness, One Park Place, an exclusive high rise in downtown Houston, as well as the Federal Reserve Building, with a solid base in Studio Fitness Heights and Spotts Park.

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Our exercise programs can cause body toning, muscle building, and feelings of well being.
Be prepared for serious accountability and dedication to yourself!

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