The first month will identify the dietary needs and requirements, along with building stability and mobility. Within this time frame we expect your body to become acclimated to the new physical and mental changes mandatory to achieve maximum results.  


Phil specializes in fat loss, building lean muscle, cardiovascular strengthening, and getting lasting results in a relaxed environment. His training utilizes strength, stamina, balance and core strength.

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Our third month will consist of challenging the body and bringing forth the final stage of you reaching the goals set at the initial consultation.

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Month two is segmented workouts focusing on functional/strength training.  This period focuses more on getting the regimen specific to reaching your fitness goals.  



Body By U Fit


Phil Biggs, Sr., discovered the benefits of personal training first hand after sustaining a serious back injury in high school. A former defensive back, he ruptured two discs in his spine for which he was hospitalized. Through targeted exercise, he was able to correct his back issues and lead an active, healthy lifestyle. For the past 18 years, the spine’s interaction with body movement and exercise has been at the core of his personal training methods. Phil specializes in helping clients achieve new levels of fitness by strengthening the core and back. He established Body By U Fit, LLC, to provide premiere Personal Training & Boot Camps in 2009, serving the Houston Heights and surrounding area.


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